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The Domaincatcher
Is a program which allows you to register deleted domains.

The Domaincatcher can register deleted domains for you immediately after they become available.

Through the Domaincatcher you have the possibility of registering your desired domains or you can protect existing domains.

Supported TLDīs at the moment:
.org, .info, .de , .ch, .at, .ws, .tv, .eu

Why are Domains deleted?
Domains get deleted due to non-payment of the renewal fees, administrative mistakes through the providers, system-errors, or other problems which might occur when registering a domain.

The most common reason however is that the Registrant of the Domain no longer needs the domains and therefore lets the domain expire.

Thousands of Domains are deleted each day. Many of these deleted domains are re-registered within the first few seconds.

Domain-Cactcher tries to register your desired domains within these first few seconds and therefore increases the chance of you getting the Domain you want!